About This Human Being

I am Méia.

Thank you for being here. This space is a creation of mine – and it makes me happy. Over the years it was easy to notice that the moments in my life that I felt best, was when I had a project, an idea, that was coming to life through me. It doesn’t matter, really, what was/is being born. It can be a poem, valentine cards for my daughter’s preschool, a delicious meal, stitching and bitching, or an extra delicate art piece.

What I know is this: creating makes me happy. Writing makes me happy. When I am pouring my heart out, expressing myself and bringing ideas to life – well, I feel ALIVE.

I enjoy that. I also really enjoy all the ups and downs, the laughs and the cries, the successes, the failures, the whole process.

I love riding the train of Life – always moving forward.

Welcome to my space.
Hop on this train with me.